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Quality Assurance

In accordance with the ISO9001:2015 and API SPEC Q1 standards and the actual operation of the company, Wanli company established quality management system to achieve high efficiency, Operation standardization and standard operations.

1. Raw materials testing

We purchase raw materials in the mines we hold, to ensure the stability and sustainability of the raw materials supply, and carry out strict chemical analysis before each batch of raw materials into the factory.

2. Production process inspection

In the production of flour milling, granulating, sintering all aspects of the corresponding testing items, real-time monitoring of the entire process of production.

3. Finished product inspection

After screening each package of finished products, we extract samples to ensure that each package product entered the warehouse is qualified.

4. Appearance detection

According to the products manufactured before every 1000 tons of not less than 20% of the bag opening rate of mixed samples were analyzed to detect, results qualified before the factory. Each product can track the quality records according to the corresponding package number and batch number of products. The sample retention time of not less than 3 months, can be adjusted according to customer requirements to save time.

5. Third party detection

Wanli regular production of proppant products sent to China petroleum exploration and Development Research Institute Langfang branch of proppant evaluation of laboratory testing, the United States Stim-Lab PropTester, British Frac-Tech laboratory testing and laboratory test, all test report showed wanli proppant with high temperature, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high conductivity etc.


Wanli is committed to care for the health and safety of employees, and in accordance with the OHSAS18001:2007 standard to establish a perfect occupation, health and safety management system, specific management measures related to employee health and safety activities, including occupation health monitoring, PPE management and staff of the regular physical examination management.

In addition, safety education and training, facilities inspection, emergency plan drills and so on should be carried out regularly in the factory, and a complete risk forecast mechanism should be established to eliminate the unfavorable factors of occupational health and safety, and continuously promote the development and continuous improvement of occupational, health and safety management

Zero casualties, zero environmental problems, which have always been our advantage and achievements, but also the future continue to adhere to the goal.


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